AIOU Solved Assignments

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has become a beacon of education for countless students in Pakistan and beyond. As a distance learning institution, AIOU relies heavily on assignments to assess student understanding. But for many, these assignments can pose a daunting challenge. This is where AIOU solved assignments come in.

AIOU Assignments: Subject Codes and Download Links by Program

Matric (General Group, Dar-e-Nizami)

Pak UrduMGN-URDU-1[Link to PDF]
IslamiatMGN-ISL-1[Link to PDF]
EnglishMGN-ENG-1[Link to PDF]
MathematicsMGN-MATH-1[Link to PDF]
ScienceMGN-SCI-1[Link to PDF]

Intermediate (F.A/I.Com)

UrduFA-URDU-1[Link to PDF]
IslamiatFA-ISL-1[Link to PDF]
EnglishFA-ENG-1[Link to PDF]
PhysicsFA-PHY-1[Link to PDF]
ChemistryFA-CHEM-1[Link to PDF]

BA General / BCOM

Islamic StudiesBAGEN-ISL-1[Link to PDF]
English LiteratureBAGEN-ENG-LIT-1[Link to PDF]
Political ScienceBAGEN-POLS-1[Link to PDF]
EconomicsBAGEN-ECO-1[Link to PDF]
SociologyBAGEN-SOC-1[Link to PDF]


AccountingADB-ACC-1[Link to PDF]
Business ManagementADB-BUSMGT-1[Link to PDF]
MarketingADB-MKT-1[Link to PDF]
StatisticsADB-STAT-1[Link to PDF]

BS & BED Programs

EducationBSED-EDU-1[Link to PDF]
PsychologyBSED-PSY-1[Link to PDF]
Curriculum & TeachingBSED-CT-1[Link to PDF]

BS Urdu 4 Year (ODL)

Urdu LiteratureBSURDU-LIT-1[Link to PDF]
Urdu LanguageBSURDU-LANG-1[Link to PDF]
Islamic CultureBSURDU-ISL-1[Link to PDF]

BS Islamic Studies 4 Years (ODL)

Quranic StudiesBSISL-QURAN-1[Link to PDF]
SeerahBSISL-SEERAH-1[Link to PDF]
Islamic JurisprudenceBSISL-FIQH-1[Link to PDF]

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BS English 4 Years (ODL)

English LiteratureBSENG-LIT-1[Link to PDF]
English LanguageBSENG-LANG-1[Link to PDF]
American LiteratureBSENG-USLIT-1[Link to PDF]

BS Mass Communication 4 Years (ODL)

Mass Communication TheoryBSMC-MCT-1[Link to PDF]
JournalismBSMC-JRNL-1[Link to PDF]
Media ProductionBSMC-PROD-1[Link to PDF]

BS Pakistan Studies 4 Years (ODL)

Pakistan HistoryBSPAK-HIST-1[Link to PDF]
Pakistan CultureBSPAK-CULT-1[Link to PDF]
Political System of PakistanBSPAK-POLS-1[Link to PDF]

B.ED (1.5 Years), B.ED (2.5 Years), B.ED (4 Years)

EducationBED-EDU-1[Link to PDF]
Curriculum & TeachingBED-CT-1[Link to PDF]
Educational PsychologyBED-EP-1[Link to PDF]

Master Program

MA UrduMAURDU-[Link to PDF]

Remember, this is just a taste! For the full buffet of solved assignments, visit:  AIOU Assignments Website Happy studying!

What are AIOU Solved Assignments?

AIOU solved assignments are pre-completed versions of the official university assignments. These solutions are created by experienced educators and subject matter experts, providing a comprehensive breakdown of each question and the expected answer. They serve as a valuable resource for students to:

  • Understand the concepts: Solved assignments offer a step-by-step approach, breaking down complex topics into manageable chunks. This allows students to grasp the underlying concepts clearly.
  • Identify knowledge gaps: By comparing their own solutions with the solved assignments, students can pinpoint areas where they need further study or clarification.
  • Improve answering techniques: Solved assignments showcase the format and presentation expected in AIOU submissions. Students learn how to structure their responses, cite sources, and present their findings effectively.
  • Boost confidence: Knowing they have a reference point can alleviate anxiety and empower students to tackle their assignments with greater self-assurance.

Are AIOU Solved Assignments a Shortcut?

It’s important to understand that solved assignments are not meant to be a shortcut to academic success. They are a supplementary tool, not a substitute for hard work and individual effort. Simply copying solutions without understanding the underlying concepts won’t benefit students in the long run.

The true value of solved assignments lies in their ability to guide and support students on their learning journey. They can be used as:

  • A study companion: While reading the assigned textbook chapters, students can refer to the solved assignments for additional insights and clarifications.
  • A practice tool: After attempting an assignment question on their own, students can compare their approach with the solved solution, identifying areas for improvement.
  • A revision aid: Before exams, solved assignments can serve as a quick refresher, helping students consolidate their knowledge and recall key points.

Using AIOU Solved Assignments Responsibly

To maximize the benefits of solved assignments, students should:

  • Use them as a learning tool, not a crutch: Focus on understanding the how and why behind the solutions, not just memorizing them.
  • Attempt the questions first: Don’t rush to the solved assignments. Grapple with the questions yourself before seeking assistance.
  • Consult multiple sources: Don’t rely solely on one solved assignment. Compare different solutions and consult other learning materials for a well-rounded understanding.
  • Cite your sources: If you use information from solved assignments in your own work, be sure to cite them properly to avoid plagiarism.


AIOU solved assignments offer a valuable resource for students to overcome challenges and excel in their studies. By using these assignments responsibly and as a supplement to hard work, students can enhance their understanding of concepts, improve their answering techniques, and boost their confidence. With the right approach and dedication, students can achieve academic success and make the most of the opportunities provided by Allama Iqbal Open University.