There are many ways by which you can increase your website traffic – SEO, social media marketing, advertisements and more.

But there is one old method that still brings results – email marketing.

You might have heard people claiming that email marketing is dead! But that’s not true. 

Statistics show that more than 80% of businesses use email marketing to get and retain customers.

It is a great way for businesses to get more people to visit their websites. 

Apart from increasing traffic, emails also help you form connections with your customers and encourage them to return. 

In this guide, we’ll share some effective tips you can use to increase email marketing traffic.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful way to promote your business using emails. It helps inform customers about your latest products or deals and can be part of your automated marketing efforts. 

You can also use emails to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and keep customers engaged between purchases.

In 1978, Gary Thuerk sent out the first commercial email to advertise a new product for Digital Equipment Corp. 

By the 1990s, as the internet became widely available, email became a popular way for marketers to reach people. Top of Form

What is Email Marketing Traffic?

The term “email marketing traffic” describes the people who visit your website after clicking on links or calls-to-action (CTAs) in emails that you send out as part of your email marketing campaigns. 

When you send out emails to your subscribers promoting your products, services, content, or special offers, people who are interested may click on the links provided in those emails. 

This link directs them to your website. The traffic that is generated via this approach is known as email marketing traffic.

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How to Grow Your Email Marketing Traffic?

Here are some clever ways to use email marketing to increase your website traffic:

Create an email marketing plan

First and foremost, you must draft an email marketing strategy. Having a well-thought-out plan allows you to concentrate on carrying it out. You are already aware of your objective, which is to boost email marketing traffic. 

Now is the time to get the strategy started, keeping this objective in mind. Describe your objectives, intended recipient list, email format, and send frequency. 

Choose a strategy for segmenting your email list and creating personalized content. Plan how to improve your emails for optimal engagement as well as monitor important metrics to gauge your progress. Effective traffic growth techniques start with a well-thought-out email marketing plan.

Develop an email list

Any email marketing effort must include email list building. It’s crucial to deliver emails exclusively to clients who have consented to receive them. It’s possible that contacts you purchased haven’t consented to be contacted, so if you send emails to them, they may be ignored or flagged as spam.

Contacting someone who has granted permission will probably result in more engagement and output. The quality of your contacts or subscribers is more significant than the quantity. Having a large list isn’t as important as having high-quality leads that will bring valuable email marketing traffic to your website.

Segment your email list

By dividing your subscribers into more manageable groups according to specific standards, you can segment your email list. By tailoring your email marketing to the interests of each group, you can increase the likelihood of engagement and make your messaging more focused.

For example, you may divide up your list based on subscribers’ interaction rate with your emails, geography, or age. By segmenting your email list, you can increase the effectiveness and relevancy of your campaigns, which will increase clickthrough rates and drive more people to your website.

According to HubSpot research, email lead nurturing targeted at particular segments increases website clickthrough rates and generates 58% of revenue.

Write strong subject lines

Effective subject lines are crucial since they have a direct influence on email open rates. Unexpectedly, up to 35%  of users choose whether or not to open emails based only on the subject line. 

That means that if the headline isn’t compelling enough, you could lose out on over a third of potential email marketing traffic. Furthermore, if the subject line doesn’t pique the interest of the recipient, 69% of people may flag your email as spam. 

A good subject line is 50 characters or less. It should be pertinent to the receiver and the content of the email, and it could even include something personal like their name. 

Send emails that are mobile-optimized

Make sure that mobile devices can easily access the content of your emails. It is useless to send emails that are jam-packed with important information if readers are unable to view them because of mobile website accessibility problems. 

Sending emails that are responsive to mobile devices is essential since 81% of people currently access their inboxes via smartphones. If you fail to address this group of people, you risk serious consequences. Approximately 80% of them will immediately remove your email, and another 45% will unsubscribe from your list entirely. 

Personalize your emails

Email personalization has the potential to greatly raise clickthrough rates. In a poll, the clickthrough rate for personalized emails was 18.8%, whereas that of non-personalized emails was 13.1%. This clarifies the increasing use of personalization in email campaigns by marketers. 

It is not enough to only call people by their first name to be personal. Based on their browsing history, it entails providing customers with product recommendations, exclusive deals, timely reminders, and pertinent material.

Create valuable email content

Creating content for your email that is relevant, engaging, and helpful to your audience is essential to producing excellent emails. Engaging subscribers and encouraging them to interact with your website and brand is the goal. 

When producing content, take into account the demands and interests of your audience and make sure it corresponds with their tastes and actions. Use graphics and minimal words to make your material aesthetically pleasing, clear, and succinct. 

Steer clear of providing recipients with excessive information. Near the top of the email, include a call to action that is clear and specific, along with directions on how to respond, such as signing up for a scheme or event. Finally, don’t forget to thank your readers.

Balance the frequency of emails

Choosing the right email frequency for each recipient is essential to the success of any traffic generation campaign. Too few emails could not get enough attention or successfully communicate your point.

On the other hand, sending an excessive number of emails may be interpreted as spam, which could have a detrimental effect on email marketing traffic. To guarantee maximum engagement and efficacy, you must strike the ideal balance for your audience and sector.

Send the email at the right time

It can be difficult to distinguish between the optimal periods for email openings and clickthrough rates. 8 am is the best time to maximize email openings, and 5 pm is when clickthrough rates are highest. 

Additionally productive are break times such as lunch hour (about 1 pm) and travel hours right before 8 am and right after 5 pm. To maximize efficacy, select the send time according to your campaign objective.

Improve your email design and layout

Your email’s layout and design have a significant impact on how your readers interact with it. A well-designed email should have a straightforward style, consistent branding, and clear organization. Make use of appropriate fonts, colors, and images to improve readability and aesthetic appeal.

Email design and layout optimization increase the likelihood that recipients will read and act upon your correspondence, which boosts website traffic.

Include video in your emails

Emails with images, especially videos, perform better and have higher clickthrough rates than those with simple text. Part of this is due to our natural predilection for images. 

A recent study found that including videos in emails increases clickthrough rates by 96%. Adding a video link can also increase clickthrough rates by as much as 65%.

Analyze the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign

It’s critical to analyze and create a marketing report following the implementation of an email marketing plan in order to determine its efficacy. A respectable clickthrough rate indicates the campaign’s effectiveness.

Among the other important metrics to assess are: 

Open rate: This indicates the rate of recipients who opened the email out of the total sent.

Clickthrough rate (CTR): Reflects the rate of recipients who clicked on the links within the email.

Bounce rate: Indicates the proportion of emails that were undelivered.

Conversion rate: Shows the percentage of recipients who clicked on a link and completed the desired action.

Understanding the campaign’s performance and potential areas for development comes from analyzing these metrics.


Email marketing aids in business growth and website visitor increase. Personalized and pertinent email marketing increases website traffic and conversions. But sending a lot of emails isn’t enough to achieve success with email marketing traffic. To ensure the effectiveness of your email campaigns, you must adhere to tried-and-true strategies.