Tealca Tracking

Official Website: www.tealca.com

How To Use Tealca Tracking Tool Online

  • Enter the Tealca tracking number in the tracking tool above
  • Click on the “Check Your Shipment” button
  • You will be redirected to the next page where you will be able to see all the details along with delivery information

Tealca Phone Number

📞Phone: 0-501-368467-1

About Tealca

TEALCA is a Venezuelan enterprise consisting entirely of the Venezuelan capital, boasting over 36 years of expertise in the Venezuelan parcel, package, and freight delivery market. Their primary goal is to ensure the utmost security in transferring parcels and envelopes for their clients, delivering a service that aligns with their expectations. They have an extensive network comprising over 115 customer service points nationwide, consisting of their own offices and trusted business partners.

Through this expansive infrastructure, they execute their logistics operations to deliver your packages on a daily basis, reaching over 320 destinations across Venezuela. Tealca’s unwavering commitment to meeting the discerning demands of its loyal customers has positioned them as their preferred choice for sending parcels and cargo.

Supported Couriers