UDS Tracking

Official Website: www.udsww.com

How To Use UDS Tracking Tool

  • Enter the UDS Tracking/ Waybill number in the tracking tool above
  • Click on the “Check Your Shipment” button
  • You will be redirected to the next page where you will be able to see all the details along with delivery information

Contact Details

Universal Delivery Solutions Ltd. Unit 8 Airlinks Industrial Estate Spitfire Way Heston, Middlesex TW5 9NR, United Kingdom+ 44 208 848 3308+ 44 7774345978[email protected]

About UDS Tracking

With over two decades of experience in the courier market and a global network of agents, Universal Delivery Solutions offers a worldwide courier service that is excellent, efficient, and reliable. Since its establishment in 2008, UDS has strived to provide customized courier services to each customer, based on their specific business needs. The company is dedicated to ensuring timely deliveries on every occasion and prioritizes effective communication when it matters the most. Leveraging its extensive global courier network, UDS now provides customers with a dependable and streamlined courier import and export service at competitive rates. Whether it involves exports or imports, customers can easily make bookings through our newly implemented user-friendly online system.

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