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How To Track Trax Tracking Number

  • Enter the Trax tracking number in the tracking tool provided above
  • Click on the “Check Your Shipment” button
  • You will be redirected to the next page and you will be able to track all the details of your package

Trax Contact Number

📞Phone: 021 111 11 8729
📩Email: [email protected]

Trax Services

  • E-commerce

The online business can be grown with TRAX as the shipping process is streamlined while covering 650+ destinations nationwide and 230+ destinations across the globe. Unique features such as replacement, reverse pick-up, and try-n-buy options are provided to businesses, which noticeably improve their delivery ratio. In addition to this, the shopping experience is streamlined with the freedom of cash on delivery, credit, or any payment app of the customer’s choice.

  • Moving & Packing

The shifting/relocation service provided by Movit facilitates the movement of anything from home and office furniture to pets, ensuring their safe transit. The service is end-to-end, covering picking, packing, storing, transporting, and unpacking, effectively resolving all furniture shifting concerns.

  • Warehousing

TRAX covers all aspects of the fulfillment process, from picking, packing, and dispatching to inventory management at their warehouses. This enables their clients to focus on their main business operations.

  • International Logistics

TRAX provides door-to-door deliveries to 232 countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, Canada, and other destinations. Their global coverage ensures that customers can rely on their services for shipments to any part of the world.

  • Bulk Movement

Saver+ offers cost-effective and dependable transportation solutions for heavy-weight and high-volume goods, which are crucial for many businesses. The service facilitates the transportation of such goods from door to door or hub to hub, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Saver+ caters to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG, fashion, and automobiles.

  • Document Deliveries

Trax offers a one-window solution for the management of important documents and items with top-of-the-line security through their Document Delivery service. The service includes first-mile pickup, client booking, and last-mile delivery, all handled with utmost care. The entire process is digitized, ensuring both speed and security. Major sectors, such as banking, insurance, and education, partner with Trax to deliver credit and debit cards, SIMs, and other critical documents through their verified and digitized process.

  • Gift Deliveries

Trax makes it easier than ever to share the joy of gifting with friends and family across Pakistan at the click of a button. The service enables customers to send gifts effortlessly, allowing them to experience the happiness of sharing with their loved ones.

  • Q-Commerce

Trax’s Quick Commerce service is set to revolutionize the way essential items are delivered. Customers can now have anything from groceries to snacks delivered to their door within four hours, courtesy of Trax.

Trax COD Rates

  • Saver Plus
WeightWithin City Zone AZone BZone CZone D
Up to 5 Kg250250275300350
5.01 to 10 Kg300300350400450
Additional Charges3030303030
Return Charges000000
  • Rush
WeightWithin City Zone AZone BZone CZone D
Up to 5 Kg110150155160165
5.01 to 10 Kg120160165170175
Additional Charges100100100100100
Return Charges00000
  • Swift
WeightWithin City Zone AZone BZone CZone D
Up to 5 Kg210240250260270
Additional Charges7070808080
Return Charges00000

About Trax

Trax Tracking

Trax was founded by Muhammad Hasan Khan in 2017. It is an end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions provider catering to the e-commerce industry. The company is committed to delivering the most innovative logistics services to ensure its customers receive the best possible service. Trax offers warehouses across Pakistan to provide quick deliveries and reliable inventory management solutions. Additionally, the company offers the fastest transfer of funds and a responsive customer experience to support the growth of online businesses.

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